About Our Company

What is eNetRealty.com?

eNetRealty.com is a real estate company that specializes in land brokerage in the Pee Dee Region of South Carolina.  The company leverages technology and the internet to provide results without sacrificing personal service.  The founder, Jim Lyles, has been selling real estate and representing landowners since 1983.  This longevity has allowed him to collect a significant amount of knowledge and experience over that time. 

One thing learned over those years is that when marketing a real estate property, the more effort and attention that’s exerted by the agent on your listing will result in a quicker sale with the best terms.  Since this is exactly what a real estate brokerage firm should provide for their clients, we maintain a smaller amount of inventory than our competitors do.  This allows more attention and effort to be applied to our client’s property listings.  The result is that the people we represent receive a higher level of service with better results. 

Maximizing our efforts on a more focused listing inventory also allows us to be more accessible to our clients when needed.  Getting results is important, but equally important is a smooth and stress-free listing and sales process.  Time has shown that the best way to achieve this is to provide an environment of good communication, coordination, and information. We’re never too busy to speak with you.

How does eNetRealty.com market my property listing?

Studies show that 51% of buyers find the property they purchase through the internet and 29% through a real estate agent.  Therefore, it is important to market properties for sale through these channels.  At eNetRealty.com, we understand the technology and take advantage of online sources to get your property information in front of as many people as possible who are searching online.   We do this by making our website and your listing information optimized for internet search engines which makes it easier for buyers to find your property online.  We also make sure your listing is being shown properly on as many internet listing websites as possible like Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia and more. 

To make sure your listing is seen by as many other real estate agents as possible, eNetRealty not only submits your property into the Multiple Listing Service but also sends direct marketing to other agents that specialize in similar properties to keep it top of mind.

The greater number of people seeing your property listing will increase the chance of getting the highest price and best terms when selling your land.  Of course, this holds true when selling anything.  The larger the potential buyer pool then the higher the chance there will be to maximize a positive result when selling your property.

Although the majority of buyers find their property by searching online or through an agent, not everyone does.  Therefore, in addition to online optimization of your listing, we also use time tested proven offline methods to increase buyer exposure to your property. This includes on-site signage when appropriate and direct marketing to adjacent land owners and active buyers that we know are looking for property similar to yours.

eNetRealty.com is providing positive results for our clients by focusing on internet technology and online marketing, while still practicing proven “old school” methods, all without sacrificing personal service